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This is the first (un-lettered) page of our story Baby Cakes, also known as the Adventure Time Annual 2014. It hits comic stores everywhere this week on April 30th!
Becky and I were lucky enough to be able to write and hand-paint an entire story in gouache and watercolor. Lettering is by the amazing Britt Wilson, who also lettered Natasha Allegri's Fionna & Cake book, you can see some of the preview letters on her Tumblr!


We now have signed & sketched copies of our Adventure Time comic, Baby Cakes, on sale now! In addition, we’ve posted every original painted page for sale!
The book is now also available in your neighborhood comic store! Hooray!


Uni the Unicorn is out on August 26th!
I’m so excited for this book, guys.  Written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, iillustrated by yours truly.
Pre-order if ya like!:  Right here on Amazon!


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